Park Camping

Yosemite National Park provides many camping opportunities. A visitor can find 13 campgrounds. Seven of these 13 can be booked. Reservations are necessary from April through September, as there are many visitors during those times. Only Curry Village and Housekeeping camps are provided with showers, and other campgrounds have tap water and flush toilets. If a traveler wants to have a roof over their heads, there are plenty of choices. The Ahwahnee Hotel, as well as the historic Wawona Hotel, provide a comfortable environment. At the same time, canvas cabins at White Wolf Lodge, Curry Village, and others offer a back-to-nature without the tents. Yosemite is serving 365 days a year, and as for the Fee, it is $20/car.

The following camping locations are operated by the authorities, in Yosemite:

For future bookings, visitors should call at (877) 444-6777.

Upper Pines

It is open all year. It can be reserved all year as well. Daily Fee is $26. There are 238 sites in Upper Pines. For people with disabilities, there are ten accessible sites. As for water, it is tap water.

Lower Pines

This campground is open from April 27 till October 12, at an elevation 4000 ft/1200 m. It can be reserved. The site's number is 60. Daily Fee is $26. As for accessible sites, they are 5. Tap water is available.


Tap water is available. The sites are 93. It can be reserved from April 8 to October 18. Daily Fee is $26. Sites are available, and their number is 93. However, accessible sites are not many, and their number is 2.

North Pines

It is open from April 20 till October 12, at an elevation 4000 ft/1200 m. The reservation works there. As for the daily Fee, the cost is $26. Sites are 81, while accessible sites are 5.

Camp 4 Campground

Camp 4 is open all year round. It can be reserved from Late May till early September. Daily Fee is 6$. The sites are 36. However, accessible sites are not available. Tap water is available.

Group Camping

Group Camping is available at Wawona Campground. During summer at Bridalveil Creek, Tuolumne Meadows, Hodgdon Meadows, offer this service as well.

Camping Rules

There are some regulations at Yosemite National Park. These terms of the policy must be taken into consideration by each visitor. Each traveler has to keep his/her food properly stored. Campfires can be done at any time. However, from May till September, wood fires are allowed only between 5 p.m. till 10 p.m. Each visitor must take care of the light. The maximum number of people is 6 per campsite. However, there are no limits to tents.


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